Peter Pan

Television Production (1960)


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Trivia & History

The first two broadcasts of Mary Martin and Cyril Ritchard in Peter Pan were in 1955 and 1956. Both were broadcast live and were never shown again on television.

The 1960 version, first shown on NBC on December 8, 1960, was shot on videotape, as was standard by that time, allowing for easy rebroadcast. The first rebroadcast was shown on NBC on February 9, 1963. There were later rebroadcasts, both on NBC, on January 21, 1966, and March 2, 1973. A slightly cut version, on which work had been done to restore the picture and sound quality, was broadcast on NBC on March 24, 1989. A complete version of this restoration was issued on VHS by Goodtimes Home Video on August 28, 1990.

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PREMIER: December 8, 1960


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