I Do! I Do!
Original Broadway Production [1966]
I Had a Ball
Original Broadway Production [1964]
I Love My Wife
Original Broadway Production [1977]
I Married an Angel
Film Version [1942]
I Remember Mama
Original Broadway Production [1979]
In the Heights
Broadway Transfer [2008]
Into the Woods
Original Broadway Production [1987]
Into the Woods
Broadway Revival [2002]
Into the Woods
Regent's Park Production [2010]
Broadway Revival [1973]
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Call Me Madam [1950]
Ethel Merman and Larry Blyden sing "You're Just in Love" on the 1972 Tony Awards as part of a tribute to Merman.
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Romance/Romance [1988]
The original Broadway cast performs on the 1988 Tony Awards.
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Greenwillow [1960]
Anthony Perkins sings "Never Will I Marry" on PBS' Great Performances.
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The Phantom of the Opera [1988]
Howard McGillin (replacement Phantom) sings "The Music of the Night" on the 2006 Tony Awards in honor of Harold Prince's Lifetime Achievement Award.
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Damn Yankees [1955]

Gwen Verdon performs "Whatever Lola Wants" on American Musical Theatre with the help of Bob Fosse.