I Do! I Do!
Original Broadway Production [1966]
I Had a Ball
Original Broadway Production [1964]
I Love My Wife
Original Broadway Production [1977]
I Married an Angel
Film Version [1942]
I Remember Mama
Original Broadway Production [1979]
In the Heights
Broadway Transfer [2008]
Into the Woods
Original Broadway Production [1987]
Into the Woods
Broadway Revival [2002]
Into the Woods
Regent's Park Production [2010]
Into the Woods
Film Version [2014]
Broadway Revival [1973]
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Mame [1966]
Angela Lansbury and Beatrice Arthur recreate their performance of "Bosom Buddies" on the 1987 Tonys.
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Newsies [2011]
The company performs "Sieze the Day" and Jeremy Jordan performs "Santa Fe".
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I Do! I Do! [1966]
Mary Martin and Robert Preston perform on the Tony Awards.
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New Faces [1954]

The cast performs the "Snake Charmer" sketch on the Play of the Week: Highlights from New Faces. This sketch was added for the film version.

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Man of La Mancha [1965]
David Atkinson (Richard Kiley's successor) and cast perform on the 1968 Tony Awards.