Deborah Gibson

Production Credits

Deborah Gibson has the following credits in BlueGobo's database, although is not necessarily featured in video or photos for the below productions.

  • Cabaret
    Broadway Revival (1998)
    Sally Bowles (replacement)

  • Beauty and the Beast
    Original Broadway Production (1994)
    Belle (replacement)

  • Grease!
    National Tour (1994)
    Betty Rizzo (replacement)

  • Grease!
    Broadway Revival (1994)
    Betty Rizzo (replacement)

  • Grease
    London Revival (1993)
    Sandy Dumbrowski

  • Les Misérables
    Broadway Production (1987)
    Eponine (replacement)


  • Deborah Gibson and Craig MacLachlan singing "You're The One That I Want" on TV.
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